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By bringing you a wide array of internationally recognized and accredited courses, The Holistic Academy supports you to follow your true vocation, learn how to make a true impact in the world, and build your own successful Holistic Counseling Practice.

Whether you are just starting out on a new and exciting path or are

looking to deepen and strengthen your knowledge, we’re here to provide evidence-based counseling skills, coaching techniques, and powerful tools to help your future clients. And to make it all complete we offer support in building the essential business skills you need to build your successful practice and strong client base.


The Holistic Academy aims to create a new generation of open-hearted, highly skilled holistic practitioners and deliver an authentic, evidence based coaching experience that empowers and transforms.

Our mission is to practice, share, and develop with you in a safe, nurturing environment with the support of knowledgeable, mindful, and

compassionate teachers who love sharing their knowledge.

We are prepared to provide all the tools and training you need to become a well-rounded Holistic Counsellor, Meditation Therapist, Stress Management Consultant, or Holistic Empowerment Coach and build a solid foundation for a successful career.


Our vision is to create a strong community of mindful, highly-trained, and experienced holistic healers who will use these new teachings to enable healing and transformation for millions of people.

We envision a world where all can access true mentoring and support

from professional holistic counselors and coaches, who teach evidencebased,grounded, non-sectarian techniques for a better and healthier life.





Everything we do is based on honesty, transparency, gratitude, and

authenticity. Our courses are based on extended research and proven

practices and are meant to appeal to anyone, no matter their

background, race, gender, or religious beliefs.

We support individuals to follow their own path of wellness and we

create a safe space where all are welcome to learn, participate, explore, and experience the power of holistic practices.


Our IMTTA courses accredited with the following organizations:

• International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association

• International Meditation Teachers Association

• International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

• Complimentary Medical Association

Academy graduates are able to join these organizations and professional insurance in 39 countries around the world. They will be provided with a full year of membership with the IMTTA and can access resources, business mentoring and other guidance and support to be successful in their chosen new holistic career.

Regardless of where they are located, our students receive customized, high quality education from licensed teachers who are always available through online channels. We’re here to provide the flexible learning experience you need.

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