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Do you feel drawn to holistic coaching and healing?


Are you tired of the corporate world and feel like you need to follow your calling?


Change is not always easy and going from the strict corporate environment to the creative, nurturing, free flow of the holistic world, while exciting, can be challenging.


Let us guide you through this important change. 


For a limited time, we decided to offer a series of 30-minute free personal consultations to anyone interested in changing their career and entering the world of holistic healing. 


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Career change is not an ending but a new beginning.  


By sharing our knowledge we aim to make this process easy, pleasant, and seamless. 


Are you:


  • Thinking of making a career change but don’t have the courage yet?

  • Feeling the calling to help people through holistic practices? 

  • Ready to make a change but need guidance and support?

  • Wondering what you need to expect when you will make the change? 



We are here for you to offer 1-to-1 guidance and help you avoid the typical mistakes and make the transition easier. 


Meet your guides:


The consultations are held by me, Marina, and my colleague, Cris, and are based on our own experience with transitioning from corporate jobs to fulfilling careers in the holistic world. 


I come from a finance background and after years of searching for meaning and personal growth, I have dedicated my life to becoming a transpersonal coach and founded the holistic academy. 


Cris is coming from a successful law background and he felt drawn by the holistic arts and became a Feng Shui master and gifted Taro Consultant. 


We both met challenges along the way and wished we had someone by our side to guide us and make the process easier. This is why we are donating our time and expertise and trying to give back to blessed souls like you. 


The easy way to make the big change. 


Following your calling and starting to help others can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do. 


In the 30-minute weekly session, we will address your challenges and share strategies to tackle them from our own experience and offer you the support and guidance you need.


Have I mentioned that it is completely free?


Limited spots available. 

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