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Certificate of Meditation Teaching (Holistic Counselling Skills)

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Course overview

Language: English

Self-paced learning online 

Duration: 12 weeks

Price: 1,000 USD


✔︎ Certificate in Meditation Teaching
✔︎ Certificate in Holistic Counselling Skills for Meditation Teachers



The percentage of individuals who report feeling significantly more stressed and anxious as a result of the pandemic.

Thrive Global (2020)

Stress Reduction


Mindfulness can help soothe your mind by giving it a focus and centering breathing, which can help you naturally de-stress (and may have a beneficial effect on physical health by lowering blood pressure). Psychotherapy studies have noted the positive effects of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) in people who experience anxiety disorders, depression, or chronic pain.” – Masterclass

Masterclass (Feb, 2021)


This is a right time for joining the wellness industry

The well-being industry is growing to keep up with the demand for a more holistic approach to health and healing. There has never been a better, or more poignant time to join the amazing wellness industry.

Meet your tutor
Is this course for you?

We have all seen the impact of negative stress in one way or another. Whether it’s our own personal story, the story of a loved one or looking at the world in general, it’s hard to deny the detrimental effect stress can have on our mental, physical and psychological health.  

This course is applicable to just about anyone, from wellness industry professionals, to social workers, parents, managers, and teachers.

Regardless of your context, this course offers a practical framework for being a ‘guide on the side’ to support those who affected by stress. It also helps individuals across the board with the tools to prioritise their own mental well-being. The condensed nature of this course and wide scope of knowledge makes it accessible to anyone with limited time.


How is this course different?

This 12-week online course experience is tailored for working professionals looking to rapidly obtain industry-relevant knowledge and skills of a specialised subject. Designed to provide maximum personal benefit with minimal time spent, the supported online learning model allows you to study at your own pace.


This Certification Course is industry recognized and is the perfect start to your journey to becoming a holistic counsellor and sets the foundation for our higher education.


This certificate enables you to create your own Holistic Business immediately after completion or acts as a springboard for further studies with us!

What will set you apart

On completion of this course, you'll walk away with:

  • Internationally recognized accreditations.

  • The ability to use mindfulness and self-care techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

  • The ability to council clients who suffer from stress, anxiety and panic attacks. 

  • The ability to create a class plan and design meditations for people, who attend your classes to overcome challenges in their lives. 

Your skills recognised

Your certificate will be issued to you by Mind and Body Education (Australia) upon successful completion of the course, as per the stipulated requirements.

You will receive IICT, CMA and IMTA accredited certificates in one course.

You will eligible for a full year of IMTTA Practitioner Registration free.

You will receive the following qualifications:

✔︎ Certificate in Meditation Teaching

✔︎ Certificate in Holistic Counselling Skills for Meditation Teachers

Your success team

Course curriculum

  • Module One - Foundation studies in meditation

  • Module Two – Stress; Understanding Cause & Effect 

  • Module Three - Foundations of Human Happiness

  • Module Four - Tools for Healing

  • Module Five - Meditation Styles and Techniques 

  • Module Six - Teaching skills

  • Module Seven - Working with Specific Groups 

  • Module Eight - Counselling & Coaching Skills

  • Module Nine - Designing and facilitating classes and workshops

  • Module Ten - Virtual, corporate and community settings

  • Module Eleven – Holistic small business management

  • Module Twelve – Marketing: The key to success

How you'll learn

This online course is broken up into manageable units designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse activities:

The Holistic Academy offers a personalized approach to online learning that ensures you're supported every step of the way.

  • Work through your downloadable and online instructional material

  • Submit homework through an online platform after each module

  • Interact with your peers and learning facilitators through class-wide forums and reviewed small group discussions

  • Receive a toolkit for practical application in your career

Head Tutor

A subject matter expert who’ll guide you through content-related challenges.

Global Success Team

Available 24/7 to solve your tech-related and administrative queries and concerns.

Be a mental health ally

What students say about studying with us

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