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(600 hours)

Unit One - Advanced Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development Practitioner Training

See modules for the Advanced  Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development Practitioner training course

Unit Two - Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Telephone Counselling

  • Introduction to telephone counselling 

  • Using Zoom and other online platforms for counselling 

  • Outline of the counselling call

  • The seven core principles of telephone counselling

  • Feelings are key 

  • Active listening 

  • Minimal encourages 

  • Reflection of content 

  • Exploration of feelings 

  • Open and closed questions 

  • Guidelines for summarising

  • Basic telephone counselling communication guidelines

  • Barriers to effective communication 

  • Listening skills 

  • Self-care 

  • Warnings and contras - When not to use telephone counselling 

  • Domestic violence and suicidal clients 

  • Role play exercises

Required reading:

The telephone counsellor’s role play handbook by Kerry Doolan 

Telephone Counselling - A Handbook for Practitioners by Maxine Rosenfield

Unit Three - Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Grief and Loss Counselling

  • Introduction grief and loss counselling

  • What is grief?

  • Healing the wounds of grief

  • Grief takes time 

  • The journey through grief 

  • The grief processes 

  • The role of the holistic grief counsellor 

  • The pitfalls to avoid 

  • Influencing factors on grieving 

  • Resources and referrals 

  • Complicated grief 

  • Depressive grief and clinical depression 

  • Dealing with Acute Emergency Situations (AES) 

  • The grief counsellor’s role in AES 

  • Guidelines for grief counselling 

  • Counselling the dying 

  • Taking care of yourself 

  • Debriefing

Unit Four - Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Trauma and Abuse Counselling

  • Introduction to trauma and abuse counselling

  • Trauma

  • How healing happens

  • Foundational Relationship Attachment Concepts

  • Abuse

  • Treatments and Solutions

  • The Role of Love in Healing from trauma and/or Abuse

  • Earned Secure Adult Attachment

Required Reading:
Earned Secure Adult Attachment by Kerry Doolan

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