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Meditation for the management of depression and anxiety

Course overview

Language: English

Effort: 6 hrs per week

Self-paced learning online 

Duration: 3 weeks

Price: 250 USD



The percentage of individuals who report feeling significantly more stressed and anxious as a result of the pandemic.

Thrive Global (2020).

$1 trillion


The estimated cost of lost productivity for the global economy as a result of depression and anxiety.

WHO (May, 2019).

The anxiety is real

And stress contagion, media coverage, and societal reactions are making individuals even more nervous.

People feel helpless

They crave a sense of agency and control over their health and well-being but are uncertain about how to achieve it.

Current efforts are not enough

Individuals and businesses don’t know about many preventive health measures they could be taking today to protect themselves.This course provides the individual with tools that help self-manage depression and anxiety as well as better manage stress in daily life.

Is this course for you?

With the global increase in the number of people dependent on antidepressant drugs to cope with daily life, we realize how essential it has become to provide natural and self-managed alternatives to medication as a standalone treatment. 

This micro course is applicable to just about anyone, from wellness industry professionals, to social workers, parents, managers, and teachers. If you or someone you know is experiencing a depression and anxiety, you’ll gain an overview of the signs, symptoms, and management options for key mental health conditions.


Regardless of your context, this course offers a practical framework for being a ‘guide on the side’ to support those with depression and anxiety. It also helps individuals across the board with the tools to prioritise their own mental well-being. The condensed nature of this course and wide scope of knowledge makes it accessible to anyone with limited time.

How is this course different?

This three-week online micro course experience is tailored for working professionals looking to rapidly obtain industry-relevant knowledge and skills of a specialised subject. Designed to provide maximum personal benefit with minimal time spent, the supported online learning model allows you to study at your own pace.

What will set you apart

On completion of this course, you'll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the types of depression and their origin as well as understanding panic attacks.

  • The ability to use mindfulness and self-care techniques to manage depression, stress and anxiety.

  • The ability to council clients who suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. 

  • The ability to create a class plan and design meditations for people, who attend your classes to overcome depression, stress, anxiety and panic attacks. 

Your skills recognised

Your certificate of attendance will be issued to you by Mind and Body Education (Australia) upon successful completion of the course, as per the stipulated requirements. You’ll be able to share your certificate of attendance on LinkedIn and other networking sites.

How you'll learn

This online course is broken up into manageable units designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse activities:

  • Work through your downloadable and online instructional material

  • Submit homework through an online platform after each module

  • Interact with your peers and learning facilitators through class-wide forums and reviewed small group discussions

  • Receive a toolkit for practical application in your career

The curriculum

Module One  
• Depression, stress and anxiety in our modern world  
• Description of depression 
• A brief history of depression  
• A theory of depression  
• The use of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of depression and anxiety 

Module Two 
• Treating Depression  
• Understanding Panic Attacks  
• The treatment of depression, stress and anxiety  
• Teaching people who are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety 


Module Three 
• Creating safe classroom environments 
• Creating class plans 
• Designing meditations 
• Choosing positive thinking tools  
• Counselling clients who suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks 

Your success team

The Holistic Academy offers a personalized approach to online learning that ensures you're supported every step of the way.

Head Tutor

A subject matter expert who’ll guide you through content-related challenges.

Global Success Team

Available 24/7 to solve your tech-related and administrative queries and concerns.

Be a mental health ally

Get a practical framework and tools to support those with depression and anxiety.

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