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You probably wonder who is behind The Holistic Academy?


Hi! My name is Marina Judd and some years ago I was just like you searching for happiness, meaning, and wanted to understand how I can get control of my life. My quest led me to try many forms of therapy and healing and eventually to the study of transpersonal psychology for the next few years. I found my way and felt I wanted to give back.


There’s an infinite Universe of feelings, thoughts, and possibilities in each one of us and I believe we can become the creators and artists of our world. There is immense power in each of us, and one of the best ways to uncover it is through holistic methods that have proven to be effective over and over again.


With every thought, action, and emotion you are creating your life. You’re an artist drawing on this huge canvas called Life. The good news is that you are in control. No matter how your life looks right now there are ways to become a more inspired and better-equipped creator and change what you don’t like. 


After finding my way I understood that my mission was to help others do the same. I believe that in order to transform the world we need to start with ourselves first. Personal transformation is the key to seeing amazing results on the outside as well. 


I set the goal to help as many people as possible and to find the tools that can help them make the kind of transformation they desire. That is why I started The Holistic Academy and brought together the best globally accredited transformative courses.


My intention is to make transformation easy for you, so under The Holistic Academy umbrella you will find internationally accredited courses that are powerful, practical, and based on strong scientific evidence.  


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